Diversity Inclusion

Did you know...

Did you know...

...BD employs more than 45,000 associates in more than 190 countries throughout the world?

A key component of our journey to becoming a great company is our commitment to global diversity and inclusion.

Diversity is a descriptor; it speaks to how we look and how we are perceived, and it is an attribute of every individual.

Inclusion refers to the climate or culture of the Company, and it is intended to foster our associates' sense of being valued for their uniqueness, contributing creative ideas, seeking challenges, and focusing on meeting and exceeding business and individual objectives.

Our Global Diversity Inclusion Leader directs a Diversity Inclusion Steering Committee comprised of members of our Senior Leadership team who oversee implementation of our Diversity Inclusion strategy. Our approaches and initiatives are designed with global application in mind for all BD associates, regardless of where they happen to be located. Localization for a region's needs is critical and is accomplished in alignment with universal messages and learnings.

Learn more about BDs commitment to Diversity and Inclusion through the following programs:

  Strategy Networking Mentoring Global Celebrations Training Quiet Room Supplier Diversity  

Objective Based Mentoring

Objective Based Mentoring is a planned and facilitated partnership that focuses on helping our associates obtain specific objectives over a designated period of time. In addition, several forms of informal mentoring are widely spread throughout the company globally.