Healthcare Worker Safety

BD pioneered the development of safety-engineered medical devices and has been at the forefront of this field for nearly two decades.  No company has committed more money, human resources or technological know-how to reducing sharps injuries.  BD's range of safety products includes hundreds of catalog items for injection, infusion therapy, sample collection, surgery and sharps disposal. 

BD Medical provides innovative IV flush syringes and closed IV catheter systems that enhance patient safety by reducing the potential for contamination and improve healthcare worker safety by eliminating needles. BD Medical also offers low cost, auto-disable immunization and curative injection devices to prevent disease spread associated with syringe reuse in developing countries.

BD Diagnostics is building on its leadership position in specimen collection and accelerating growth through continued emphasis on safety, offering safety-engineered sharps and plastic evacuated tubes. Innovation, an integral part of this effort, has led to second- and third-generation safety-engineered products offering greater protection and improved functionality.


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