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Information in the BD website is organized according to general visitor gateways. For example, a Clinician would use the Clinician gateway, a Researcher would use the Researcher gateway at the top of the Corporate homepage ( Roll your mouse over the gateway or click on it directly. Careers, Investors and other general interest links are found at the bottom. Select the gateway that most closely represents your area of interest to get to the most relevant information.
When you enter a product or service area, local links appear on the left. Corporate links are maintained along the right and bottom.
Our site map and search functions are provided on every page for further assistance.

Site Map

The BD Site Map outlines the gateways to product and service information.

Search/Advanced Search

A Search box is available on all pages of the website. Use keywords to search the whole BD website and e-Catalog
Advanced Search lets you choose individual gateways to refine your search results. You also have the option to eliminate e-Catalog search results.

Web Plug-Ins

While plug-ins (free, on-line software) are generally not required to access information on, some parts of our site will require you to have recent versions of plug-ins to help you view the content in its richest form. Following are links to websites where you can download the plug-ins:

Adobe® Acrobat Reader® software allows you to view and print Adobe PDF files.

RealPlayer® application program allows you to view and hear streamed video and audio.

Windows Media® Player application program allows you to view and hear streamed video and audio.

QuickTime® application program handles video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music and virtual reality scenes.

Site Feedback

We are always interested in Feedback on how the design and usability of our website can be improved. Your opinions would be very much appreciated.

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