Alaris® EMR Interoperability

Eliminate manual programming that creates risk of IV medication errors while extending safety to infusion administration with seamless two-way connection of CPOE, BCMA and smart infusion pumps

We enable true electronic medical record (EMR) interoperability by offering seamless two-way connectivity between our Alaris® System and leading EMR systems.1

Despite advanced technology such as computerized physician order entry (CPOE), barcode medication administration (BCMA) and smart infusion pumps, the risk of manual programming errors still exists on the infusion pump. With an additional scan of the pump, Alaris EMR Interoperability extends medication safety to the point of infusion administration by ensuring that the initial programming matches the physician’s order. Furthermore, infusion data flows back to the patient’s EMR to ensure that every member of the care team can access accurate and timely infusion administration information.

1 KLAS. Smart pump/EMR integration: not easy, but worth the effort. Published July 2013.

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