BD Kiestra™ Automation Solutions

Provide your lab with modular, scalable and forward-compatible automation solutions that are integrated with our broad portfolio of microbiology instruments and consumables.

Supporting lab efficiency
Automating time-consuming, manual and repetitive tasks in microbiology—including inoculation, incubation, imaging, plate reading, identification and susceptibility, the system helps improve staff efficiency and lab productivity.1

Advancing quality and standardization through automation
Our solutions standardize processes and increase the quality of results. Automated specimen processing ensures consistent and reproducible streaking results using a unique rolling bead technology, while automated incubation allows plates to be read at the user’s optimal time intervals.2,3

Improving patient management and care
Our solutions are designed to support clinical decisions that improve patient management and care by enabling the delivery of faster, high quality and more standardized results to clinicians and staff than with manual inoculation.3,4,5

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