BD MAX™ system

Redefine staff productivity with a fully integrated, automated molecular platform capable of running both IVD and open system assays efficiently and flexibly

The BD MAX™ system combines and automates nucleic acid extraction and thermocycling on a single platform capable of running both FDA-cleared and open system assays. Offering flexibility and standardization, the system lets you meet many testing needs while providing an efficient path to improved clinical outcomes.

Using the system, you receive consistent results—fast, with minimal hands-on time. Other benefits include focused panels for syncromic testing and the ability to run urgent specimens or batch testing.

Available Products
MRSA XT (Cat. no. 443461) Staph SR (Cat. no. 443419) C Diff (Cat. no. 443418) Enteric bacterial (Cat. no. 443378) GBS (Cat. no. 441772) Enteric parasite (Cat. no. 443380) MAX instrument (Cat. no. 443916) PCR cartridges (Cat. no. 437519)

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