BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood Collection Set

Achieve split-second protection from needlestick injuries

The unique design of the BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood Collection Set provides easy and instant activation of the safety mechanism to protect healthcare workers from costly needlestick injuries and allows them to focus on their patients.

  • The safety mechanism enables true in-vein activation to eliminate exposure to contaminated needles, which reduces needlestick injuries by up to 88%.1
  • Memory-free tubing and wings ensure unrestricted flow of blood and minimize in-vein needle movement during venipuncture to reduce patient discomfort.
  • The clear flash chamber provides visual confirmation of venous access.

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1 Mary Hotaling; Stony Brook University. Efficacy of a retractable safety winged steel needle (butterfly needle) to significantly reduce needlestick Injuries in healthcare workers: a 21-month experience. Published 2008.

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