Sustainability at BD

At BD, we view sustainability as a portfolio of complementary initiatives and actions that help us achieve our purpose of Helping all people live healthy lives. We see the modern social and environmental challenges our world faces as opportunities to make a difference while strengthening our company.

Our sustainability strategy has evolved to focus on our role in addressing the wide range of challenges facing our industry, society and the planet. To further enable our progress, we remain focused on shared value creation, meaning how we address unmet societal needs through business models and initiatives that also contribute to the commercial success of BD.

BD Sustainability Reel

Our sustainability strategy and 2020 goals are centered upon four key areas of focus:


INNOVATION – Healthcare Safety, Reach and Cost

  • Innovate key healthcare processes such as medication management and lab automation
  • Develop innovations and informatics to enable disease management across the care continuum
  • Enable the transition from research into clinical practice
  • Provide solutions that improve healthcare worker and patient safety

ACCESS: Healthcare in Resource-Limited Populations

  • Develop low-cost innovations to address leading causes of mortality and morbidity
  • Collaborate on health system strengthening with leading agencies and NGOs
  • Further expand BD manufacturing, product array and employment in emerging countrie

EFFICIENCY – Environmentally Sound Products & Resilient Operations

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout value chain
  • Eliminate priority materials of concern
  • Minimize environmental footprint in manufacturing
  • Drive supplier responsibility evaluation methodology
  • Improve life cycle impacts of current and future products

EMPOWERMENT: Positive Workforce and Community Impacts

  • Increase diversity of our workforce, particularly in leadership roles
  • Achieve best-in-class associate safety performance
  • Drive social impact and associate engagement through volunteer programs
  • Partner with nonprofits to address unmet needs locally and globally